《中國合夥人》根據真人真事改編。講述由20世紀80年代帶至21世紀初,大時代下三個年輕人學生年代相遇、相識,畢業後,面對理想與現實的巨大落差,經受住各種打擊,卻始終未放棄夢想,共同創辦了英語培 訓學校“新夢想”,最後苦盡甘來,功成名就,實現夢想的勵志故事。 


時長: 1小時52分鐘


American Dreams In China

Based on the true events, this film tell and inspirational story of three young adults pursuing their dreams in an area of big changes in China from the 1980's to the early 21st century. Facing the gap between their dreams and reality, they are met with various difficulties through their university years and after graduation. But they still manage to stay true to their dreams. By co-founding their own English school "New Dream", their hard work is eventually rewarded and their dreams are fulfilled.

Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes