• 精選海外人士關注的中國文化焦點; 
  • 以紀實手法、通過實景拍攝、文史影像資料和情景再現等方式,引領觀眾深入體驗文化現象、理解中國文化; 
  • 外國人的視點,外國人主持、外國人採訪,以獨特的視角揭示文化現象背後所蘊涵的中國人的思想和精神面貌; 
  • 通過行業專家、文化現象當事人、普通旁觀者等不同身份人士的觀點和說法,對同一文化現象進行多角度的講述和詮釋; 



Journey Through China

The Journey Through China has been adapted from a large- scale TV special cultural series bearing the same title. The program has been broadcast in North America via the SCOLA satellite television network, and Channel II of China Education Television. The series has been warmly received by audience at home and abroad.

Features of the series :

  • Select topics on Chinese culture interesting to foreigners
  • On-the-spot reports as well as historical accounts presented by multimedia materials providing audience with an in-depth experience of some cultural phenomena and a better understanding of Chinese culture;
  • Hosted by foreigners who offer, from unique perspectives , their understanding of the ideology and spirit of Chinese revealed in some cultural phenomena;
  • Narrations and interpretations of the same cultural phenomenon by specialists, people involved and ordinary spectators presenting views from multiple perspectives.

Duration: 60 min



博覽中國(1): 胡同、四合院、牌樓

Journey Through China (1):Hutong, Siheyuan, Pailou




博覽中國(2): 中國麵食、火鍋、中國茶

Journey Through China (2):Chinese Wheaten Food, Hotpot, Chinese Tea





Journey Through China (3):Traditional Chinese Medical Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Dragon




博覽中國(4): 中式家俱、文房四寶、中國扇子

Journey Through China (4):Chinese Furniture, The Scholar's Four Treasures, Chinese Fans




博覽中國(5): 剪紙、麵塑、刺綉

Journey Through China (5):Paper Cutting, Dough Modeling, Chinese Embroidery




博覽中國(6): 中國畫、大足石刻、木雕

Journey Through China (6):Traditional Chinese Painting, Dazu Stone Sculpture, Wood Carving




博覽中國(7): 中國樂器、京劇、臉譜

Journey Through China (7):Chinese Musical Instruments, Beijing Opera, Facial Makeup




博覽中國(8): 皮影戲、中國雜技、舞獅

Journey Through China (8):Shadow Play, Chinese Acrobatics, Lion Dancing




博覽中國(9): 中國玩具、空竹、秋蟲

Journey Through China (9):Chinese Toys, Kongzhu/Diabolo, Autumn Insects




博覽中國(10): 旗袍、中國春節、小學生的一天

Journey Through China (10):Qipao/Cheongsam, The Spring Festival, One Day in a Primary School