(1)第1-12集                     時長:105分鐘

(2)第13-24集                   時長:105分鐘

(3)第25-36集                   時長:105分鐘

(4)第37-48集                   時長:105分鐘

(5)第49-61集                   時長:105分鐘

(6)第62-74集                   時長:105分鐘

(7)第75-87集                   時長:105分鐘

(8)第88-100集              時長:105分鐘


All the Way Along The Silk Road

"National Treasure – China’s Key Historical and Cultural Heritage" is a documentary consisting a thousand episodes about the origin of Chinese civilization, progress and development.

As one of the four major ancient civilizations of the world, China has an abundant and profound history and cultural heritage. In order to showcase the most comprehensive and in-depth discoveries of these heritage treasures to the world and to the Chinese people, to educate and to enhance the consciousness in protecting our national treasures, with a great among of human and financial resources invested, we have sincerely produced and launched a large TV documentary series “Natural Treasure - China’s Key Historical and Cultural Heritage”.

A total of 100 episodes, 10 minutes each. From a cultural and retrospect viewpoint, we will explore how Chinese see The Silk Road, from the past to the present, from the legends to the reality, in a comprehensive journey of exploration, discovery and reflection. The documentary also interviewed people from different hierarchy and used precious documents and resources to showcase the glamorous historic journey of The Silk Road.

(1) Episode 1-12             Duration: 105 min

(2) Episode 13-24           Duration: 105 min

(3) Episode 25-36           Duration: 105 min

(4) Episode 37-48           Duration: 105 min

(5) Episode 49-61           Duration: 105 min

(6) Episode 62-74           Duration: 105 min

(7) Episode 75-87           Duration: 105 min

(8) Episode 88-100         Duration: 105 min



Episode 1-12




Episode 13-24




Episode 25-36




Episode 37-48




Episode 49-61




Episode 62-74




Episode 75-87




Episode 88-100