鄭知元是世界聞名的賽車手, 初出茅廬的仇銘和邱田心甘情願地成為了他的“破風手”,並以三人之間的絕佳默契打敗了強敵。然而,車隊因經濟問題被迫解散。仇銘和邱田簽約不同的車隊並以沖線手的角色向鄭知元發起挑戰,與此同時,仇銘和邱田同時愛上了黃詩瑤,曖昧的三角關係也讓三人中間的友誼有了微妙的變化。這一次,他們之間又會發生怎樣的故事呢?


時長:125 分鐘




To The Fore


Ji-won is a world-famous cyclist. Ming and Tian, who have just started their careers, become his lead-outs. With excellent teamwork, they score a surprise victory against a stronger team. Their team, however, has to be dissolved because of financial troubles. Ming and Tian, signed up to different teams, come to challenge Ji-won as sprinters. At the same time, Ming and Tian both fall in love with Huang Shiyao, also a cyclist. Friendship among the three, as a result, experience subtle changes. How is their story going to unfold?


Duration: 125 mins

Director: Dante Lam

Cast: Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou, Siwon Choi, Wang Luodan








To The Fore

(English Subtitle)