時長:119 分鐘




Silent Witness


Lin Tai is celebrity millionaire. He has been indicted by the prosecutor's office on several economic crime charges but never convicted due to lack of evidence. Just as he is preparing for his wedding, his girl friend is found out to be cheating on him and later killed in an underground parking lot. The Prosecutor's Office presses the charge against the main suspect, Lin Tai's daughter Mengmeng. Lin Tai not only hires an expensive lawyer Zhou Li to defend Mengmeng, but also has many other plans in the works. The public prosecutor Tong Tao is known for his interrogative skills and laser-sharp insights. The prosecutor and the defence team engage in heated exchange at the trials, but the case becomes all the more perplexing. Finally, Lin Tai has a plan to take the blame on behalf of his daughter. He is of the view that truth is what people want to believe. But people all tend to believe Lin Tai is the real murderer.


Duration: 119 mins

Director: Fei Xing

Cast: SUN Honglei, YU Nan, GUO Fucheng, Deng Jiajia








Silent Witness

(English Subtitle)