時長:127 分鐘


主演:成龍,崔始源,約翰 • 庫薩克,阿德里安 • 布勞迪


Dragon Blade


In western China, BC 48, Huo An, the captain of a security company under the government, and his entire group are sentenced to construction working at the wild Goose Pass, a ruined fortress, as the government uncovers evidence of corruption in the group. Not long after, the pass is threatened by a Roman legion led by General Lucius, who is escorting young price Pubilius to flee free from Pubilius's brother Tiberius. After a stale-mated duel between Huo An and General Lucius, the two eventually agree to accidentally discovers the secret between his good friend Yin Po and Tiberius, who approaches the fortress with the army to hunt down his younger brother. To protect Pubilius and all the states in the western region, Huo An and Lucius decide to confront Tiberiu in the vast dessert.


Duration: 127 mins

Director: Daniel Lee

Cast: Jackie Chan, Choi Si-Won, John Cusack, Adrien Brody








Dragon Blade

(English Subtitle)