時長:122 分鐘




Lady of the Dynasty


As the lead dancer at the state funeral, young lady Yang Yuhuan's (acted by Fan Bingbing) soft and well -rounded figure wins Emperor Xuanzeng of Tang's (acted by Leon Lai) affection. Consort Wu, a beloved consort of Emperor, worries about this potential threat. She lies and says that she has arranged for Yang Yuhan to marry Li Mao, the Prince of Shou and her son (acted by Wu Chun). Yang Yuhan becomes the Prince of Shou's wife and the emperor's daughter-in-law. The Prince of Shou cannot accept his father's love for Yang Yuhuan, so he poisons his wife to make her miscarry. Yang Yuhuan is desperate and sent to a Taoist temple. After his proposal to Yang Yuhan is refused, the vexed emperor declares to marry her anyway. They get closer under the stress of political struggle and in the daily life inside the palace. Eventually, Yang Yuhuan falls in the love with emperor.


The An Lushan Rebellion breaks out and the event reconciles her two husbands, the Prince of Shou and Emperor Xuanzeng of Tang. The Prince of Shou meets his tragic end on the battlefield. Yang Yuhuan, ignorant of political struggle, finds herself at the center of empire's political struggle. In the political storm, Yang Yuhuan dies in her unique way to protect the empire and her husband.


Duration: 122 mins

Director: Shi Qing

Cast: Fan Bingbing, Leon Lai, Wu Chun







Lady of the Dynasty

(English Subtitle)